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Agora Financial Publishing LLC, the publisher of the Daily Reckoning, The Daily Edge, Daily Resource Hunter and Tomorrow’s Trends Today email newsletters believes in transparency, honesty and accountability. Our mission is to educate individuals about the markets and help readers make smarter investment decisions. Below is a Privacy section to provide insight into our business model, security, and email/website communications.

Agora Financial Publishing Privacy Policy
Agora Financial takes individual privacy very seriously. We are also aware of the threats to your security and privacy on the Internet. Please take a few moments to review the steps that Agora Financial takes to ensure your privacy and security while giving you the best possible customer service as you use our websites.

Agora Financial does not sell or rent your email address or personal information to anyone. That means that only authorized employees of Agora Financial have access to any information you submit. As the publisher of the Daily Reckoning, The Daily Edge, Daily Resource Hunter and Tomorrow’s Trends Today email newsletters we believe in honesty and accountability. We may use your name and address to send you information in form of email advertisements for other Agora Financial products that may suit your interests. We are able to publish the Daily Reckoning, The Daily Edge, Daily Resource Hunter and Tomorrow’s Trends Today for free by selling subscriptions to there print and online. Advertisements for these paid products, as well as advertisements from third parties, are included in Agora Financial newsletters.

Agora Financial sometimes uses cookies to store and track user information. Cookies enable Agora Financial to personalize the viewing experience of a user on Agora Financial websites. When the user revisits an Agora Financial website property, they can recognize the user by the cookie and customize the user’s experience. For example, uses cookies to recognize user access privileges, track site usage and traffic patterns, add advertisements for goods or services of interest and estimate the readership size.

Although most Web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, if you prefer, a user may decline the placement of a cookie on his or her hard drive by using the appropriate feature(s) of one’s Web browser software (if available) to delete the cookie. Users should understand, however, that certain areas within the Agora Financial website properties may not function properly if the Web browser will not accept cookies. In addition, advertisers that serve ads onto Agora Financial properties may also use their own cookies.

Submitting Data
At no time are you required to submit personal information to access any area of The Daily Reckoning, The Daily Edge, Daily Resource Hunter, or Tomorrow’s Trends Today main websites. Visitors to our sites maybe asked to submit a log-on name and password to visit subscriber-only sections of the sites. This is to ensure you can receive the services you are paying for.

Ordering Online
Any data you submit to us through an online order form are transferred to us via a Secure Sockets Layer — an encryption protocol — and are kept in databases that cannot be accessed from outside our firewall. In other words, any data you send us are encrypted, so in the unlikely event a hacker intercepted your data, they could not be easily read. Our firewall is a mechanism that prevents access to our servers for anyone outside the company.If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing list, you can contact our Customer Service department or simply unsubscribe at the bottom of every email correspondence.

Email Database
If you subscribe to an Agora Financial publication, your name and email address will be placed in a database. As with all other personal information, only employees of Agora Financial have access to these data. We do not give Agora Financial email addresses to outside companies. And although we disagree with it, if requested we must turn over any pertinent information to a law enforcement agency that takes the proper steps to require it. Any email you send to is completely confidential. We will not add your name to our email list without your permission. For security reasons, if your inquiry is about one of your subscriptions, we may ask you to submit some additional information, only to verify your identity. Remember, in this case, we are asking you only to confirm information you have already given us.

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